In June 2012 Christiane Beerlandt was given

a hearty reception during her tour of talks

in Germany and Sankt Vith (Belgium).


Christiane Beerlandt was delighted by the sincere friendliness, openness, and typical profundity of the German speaking people. Consequently, the warm and clear love sounding from her words in front of this audience acting as a soundboard, was very perceptible. Not only laymen but also regular and alternative physicians and health workers were present.


About the 'Key to Self-Liberation', the connection between psyche and body.


The countless reaction e-mails following the trip showed how much this book is considered unique in its kind. So much the better : it helps man and health worker to acquire such deep insights that healing can be realized faster. Yes, the underlying psycho-emotional causes of diseases, the deeper meaning of each part of the body..., hand in hand with the knowledge of classically trained physicians, with naturopaths, reflexologists, etc. An entertaining, instructive 'mix'. Cooperation was also noticeable on certain evenings.


Yes, halls filled with attentively listening people, have visibly and audibly enjoyed the beneficent heart vibration emanating from Christiane's strong personality. A joke in between, profundity and humour. The audiences clearly expressed their enthusiasm and gratefulness because one could now experience 'live' the deep wisdom and strong energy field of Christiane Beerlandt.


Christiane also answered the many questions, often in a surprising manner, but never violating the private sphere of people. Clear insights, coming from her inner source. And the people went home joyfully with new insights, replenished with inspiration. Christiane stresses the importance of the fact that also in Germany both regular and alternative physicians and health workers were present. Hand in hand : her 'Encyclopaedia of Psychosomatics' (The Key...) is used there by many health workers in their practices. But 'all' people, emphasises Christiane, should get the occasion to reflect upon themselves, to become conscious of certain underlying causes. Hence her simple language.


And apparently this is very much appreciated in the countries surrounding us. Christiane felt a sincere warmth emanating from the people on each place...: in Darmstadt, Sankt Vith, Rottenacker, twice in Munich..., Rosenheim. After a heartfelt lasting applause at the end of her last lecture in Rosenheim, Christiane returned with a merry heart  from this Germany trip to Lierde (near Geraardsbergen), her present (new) place of residence (see our website). Magnificent natural landscapes in Germany, but also in the Flemish Ardennes, where she lives... Christiane was welcomed home by good old Marie-Jeanne (her nice and well-fed cat), by lots of cackling, gaggling and bleating little animals, and of course by her two wise, sweet and talented daughters, Petra and Davina !


Dirk Lippens, MD and Jim Houwaart, MD


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