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wp00000000.png Welcome to the Beerlandt Publications website! Our company publishes the works of the successful Belgian author Christiane Beerlandt. The original versions (21 titles up to now) are written in Dutch language (the author’s native tongue).


The Beerlandt books are absolutely unique in the world. The first English title is a voluminous, encyclopedic work : The Key to Self-Liberation (ISBN 9789075849356). This book describes the psychological origins and solutions of some 1000 diseases. The exactness of the information contained in it has been proven by the experience of numerous scientists and medical doctors. Although this book was written just to help people, without any commercial intention, more than 150,000 copies have already been sold of the Dutch and French versions.


Beerlandt Publications intends to publish the complete works of Christiane Beerlandt in English. This website will keep you informed of new translations.


The books by Christiane Beerlandt reveal the deepest origins of illnesses, happenings, phenomena, emotions (sadness, anxiety, etc.), food preferences, animal symbolism, etc.


Illnesses, happenings in one’s life, etc., can be considered as “signals” called up by a person’s inner self. If we understand these signals and make the necessary changes in our lives, then we can constantly progress on the path of joy and health.


The Beerlandt texts are comprehensible to everyone. All over the world, the exceptional value of Christiane Beerlandt’s works is acknowledged by laypeople as well as by professional health workers.


As a physician, I saw the enormous value of Christiane Beerlandt’s work for my patients. Therefore, I decided to found our publishing house (in 1996).



Dr. Dirk Lippens, MD







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