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The information contained in the books written by life philosopher Christiane Beerlandt, on the website, and in talks and workshops given by her or by her life companion Dr. Dirk Lippens, MD, was meant only for educational or pedagogic purposes.  All this information only wants to help and promote general well-being and was not intended for the diagnosis, the treatment, or the healing of any disease.  No part of the content of this book, of the abovementioned website, or of the books presented on it, may be considered as a medical advice in order to solve a certain problem.  For any specific health problem, the reader has to consult a qualified health professional (family doctor, specialist, psychologist, other qualified health professionals).  Persons with serious medical conditions have to seek professional medical care by a competent and devoted physician, in accordance with the current, scientifically approved rules of medicine.
The visitor of the abovementioned website as well as the reader of the books written by Christiane Beerlandt bears the full and entire responsibility for the way in which he or she uses the information contained in them.  

He or she has to make use of this information in a wise, well-considered manner.  Regarding the use or application of the information on the abovementioned website or in the books presented on it, no liability whatsoever — whether civil, criminal, or other — for illness, injury, damage, loss, or therapy, to any person, rests with the author or the publisher.  Although the author has taken any possible precaution when preparing the publication of the books she wrote, and although the author is of the opinion that the information in these books is accurate, the author as well as the publisher decline any responsibility for any error, omission, oblivion, or neglect.  Despite careful verification, the publisher and the author also decline any liability for the content of any link to other websites on  The sole responsibility for the content of these external links lies with the makers of these external websites.

Christiane Beerlandt does not say “no” to conventional medicine; on the contrary, she collaborates with it.  She was happy about the ever increasing, worldwide interest that certain universities and practitioners of conventional medicine show in her work, considering it complementary to conventional medical treatment.  The human being is evolving — on his way to ever greater possibilities.  However, one needs to take strongly into account that many people are not yet able to understand or to apply truly the insights of the author’s work.  Therefore again, the following call is addressed to the reader: always appeal to qualified, professional medical assistance; never delay medical assistance because of something you have read in the abovementioned books or on the abovementioned website; never base yourself on information from the abovementioned sources instead of professional medical assistance.  This does not at all exclude that people who wish to do so are welcome to use at the same time the information from the books by Christiane Beerlandt.

For the sake of public health, the author and the publisher decline any responsibility or liability for the content of any publication or any website, as well as for any assertion or action by any (legal) person who pretends to base himself or herself on Christiane Beerlandt’s work.  Meant are, among others, certain alternative or conventional health professionals, coaches, schools, givers of workshops, journalists.  Health professionals, givers of lectures, etc. may fall into erroneous interpretations or misunderstandings of Christiane Beerlandt’s points of view or philosophy.  This can happen with the best of intentions — sometimes out of incomprehension — but sometimes also out of ill will.  Certain journalists who do not understand the heart of the matter may tear sentences from their context, which gives rise to misinterpretations.  They may distort words by adjusting them to their own beliefs, put words in the mouth of Christiane Beerlandt which she did not say, garble things — possibly causing people to feel hurt (which is not the author’s intention), cast a slur on her, insinuate things, etc..  Everything is possible in the world in which we live. 

Alertness and a discerning mind are therefore required.  The only sources that render Christiane Beerlandt’s vision correctly are the most recent editions of the books / texts she wrote herself.

There is no such thing as “the Christiane Beerlandt method.” Therefore, no “Christiane Beerlandt method” can be refunded by health insurance funds.  There are no “Beerlandt schools.” Christiane Beerlandt has never given trainings or individual consultations.  She has never made diagnoses, for this is the task and the competence of qualified practitioners of medicine.  As do many authors, Christiane Beerlandt has given many lectures whenever she was invited by associations, philosophical study groups, university departments, etc..  Her life companion, Dr. Dirk Lippens, now sets himself the task of giving lectures about Christiane Beerlandt’s work.

“With every information that comes to you — also the information contained in the books that I wrote —, please use your own wisdom, your common sense, and your critical mind.  Then make your own final decision.  You can consult many masters, but remain always your own supreme master,” says the author.

Christiane Beerlandt loved all good-hearted people without distinction of color, people, country, belief, philosophical tendency, etc..  With her work, she and her publisher have wanted to contribute to creating a world in which peace, honesty, high morality, and true love prevail.
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