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Englische BĂĽcher / Life Philosophy for a Happy and Healthy Existence

Life Philosophy for a Happy and Healthy Existence

Life Philosophy for a Happy and Healthy Existence
Life Philosophy for a Happy and Healthy Existence
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(Englische Ausgabe)




0,600 KG

€ 26,00
ISBN 9789075849585
160 pages
6.9 x 9.6 x 0.9 inches
17.6 x 24.6 x 1.53 centimetres

1.32 lb / 0.60 kg
€ 26.00

This volume contains the updates of the second, revised and enlarged edition of Christiane Beerlandt’s well-known book The Key to Self-Liberation® — Encyclopedia of Psychosomatics. Therefore, it can serve as a supplement to the first edition.

Also, this format may suit readers who would like a smaller book by Christiane Beerlandt, allowing them to go deeper into her liberating life philosophy. 

The book presents innovative philosophical views and practical guidelines to take the reins over your life.  It includes chapters about the relationship between body and psyche, the meaning of the coronavirus pandemic, influenza, type 2 diabetes, malignant melanoma, colorectal cancer, love and relationships, the signals we encounter on our life path (events, emotions), the genes as a dynamic entity, etc.

In the love and pureness of her being, Christiane Beerlandt shares profound insights that help promote the welfare of humanity.

“The human being is not born to die but to live.  Suffering and death will continue to exist as long as hu­man­kind remains in ignorance.  Therefore, becoming aware is essential. . . .”

limited edition

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Bewertung hinzufügen
jp bevaart - 25-05-2023 09:52

YOU have NO IDEA how your translation in English is appreciated.
Sorry Wat een fantastische vertalingen .....
Het ontroert mij steeds en neem ze volgende week naar Engeland....
Blij Christiana tot te hebben ontmoet......
Dank en veel inspiratie tot verdere vertalingen...

Dit was een blije reactie van een jarenlange FAN....

Dank U Dank U Dank U,

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