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Books in English / The Key to Self-Liberation

The Key to Self-Liberation

The Key to Self-Liberation
The Key to Self-Liberation
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ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PSYCHOSOMATICS - Fundamental Psychological Origins of and Solutions to 1,000 Diseases and Other Phenomena




1,600 KG

€ 56,00
An authoritative work on the relationship
between body and mind

second, revised and enlarged edition

Why do you get headaches?  Which psychological patterns correspond to an increased cholesterol level?  Why are certain people susceptible to colds?  What is the message of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic?  How does cancer originate emotionally?  And what can you do yourself to help healing?

Psychological, emotional undercurrents play an important role in the development of diseases.  Christiane Beerlandt shows that the germs, the fundamental origins of illnesses, are to be found in the depths of the human psyche — one’s deepest feelings, beliefs, convictions, thoughts, expectations, self-image, habitual patterns, etc.

The profoundness and accuracy of the texts, written in a language accessible to all, have brought this book worldwide recognition among all types of people, including many health professionals.

While listening to the loving language of the heart, Christiane Beerlandt used her innate giftedness to feel herself into the inner world of people.  Many readers have been profoundly impressed by the precision of the Beerlandt texts that address illnesses they were suffering from.

The first part of this book offers innovative philosophical views and practical guidelines to take the reins over your life.  The second part contains entries about a very wide range of diseases — as well as chapters about the psychological, metaphysical meaning of the organs (heart, stomach, brain, glands, epiphysis, thymus, etc.) and other parts of the body (vertebrae, fingers, chin, etc.).

For those who have the first edition of this book, the updates of the second edition can be found in a separate book: Life Philosophy for a Happy and Healthy Existence.

Book details
ISBN: 9789075849356
Language: English
Format: hardcover
Country of origin: Belgium
Pages: 928
Dimensions: 17.6 x 24.6 x 6 centimeters (6.9 x 9.6 x 2.2 inches)
Weight: 1.6 kg (3.85 lb)

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Elke Thompson - 05-01-2024 10:17

An amazing insight into what lies behind physical illness. This has been eye-opening and life-changing for me. I can highly recommend this book and am so grateful I stumbled across it. Thank you Christiane Beerlandt!

jp bevaart - 25-05-2023 09:48

YOU have NO IDEA how your translation in English is appreciated.
Sorry Wat een fantastische vertalingen .....
Het ontroert mij steeds en neem ze volgende week naar Engeland....
Blij Christiana tot te hebben ontmoet......
Dank en veel inspiratie tot verdere vertalingen...

Dit was een blije reactie van een jarenlange FAN....

Dank U Dank U Dank U,

Natalia - 14-12-2021 12:03

Since I first saw the book, I knew straight away that I wanted to have a copy. The book sheds light and different perspective to the dis-eases or patterns that one may think to be conditioned to. As we search for answers it is not always evident why we are and behave in a certain way. The book gives a fresh outlook on such things. For me it resonated a lot and has made me question certain things and also see new ways of learning to accept myself fully and lovingly. I also appreciate the book because it not only explains the possible reason why but also gives tips and encouragement of how to alter the current state of things. The customer service was also wonderful - there was some trouble with delivery of the book to me but the representatives were most kind and made sure the book arrived. Highly recommend the book to anyone who is looking for answers and wants to pursue a path of self-development and liberation from conditioning.

Alka - 06-09-2021 06:10

I am a therapist and coach and this book has helped have insights into myselfand helped point my clients inwards and see for themselves and make choices towards their own healing.

This is an invaluable book. A rare gem. - 15-05-2021 15:57

I love the book. Its content is great. I wish the design of the book was professional.

Dr. Graeme Kidd, MD, Auckland, NZ - 25-09-2020 08:49

Christiane Beerlandt is obviously a skilled medical intuitive. Here she has produced a comprehensive tome which includes an extensive list of symptoms, signs and diseases. Her preamble makes it very clear how to utilize her interpretations.
Frequently in medical consultations the limits of the ‘medical model’ become apparent. We can describe the condition and then attempt to manipulate the underlying pathology. But we fall short when we try to explain WHY a patient has a particular condition at this precise time in their lives. This book provides a simple link between mind, body and emotions. Christiane’s interpretations empower patients to search further within themselves for answers.
I have used the book both as a tool for myself to understand others’ conditions and also in consultation with the patient to explore wider possibilities in answering the ‘why’ question.
I have used other metaphysical books of similar content but this is by far the most extensive, authoritative and empowering volume I have seen.
It is clearly an adjunct for any health professional to use as a reference but it is also an easily useable book for lay people to begin their own journey of metaphysical interpretation.

Hemant Ogale, India - 25-08-2020 11:38

I Salute and thank Madam Christiane Beerlandt for her Wonderful, Genius and Outstanding work put out in her book The Key to Self-Liberation. I practice Hypnotherapy and I am immensely helped in using the root causes given in the book. I look forward for her forthcoming titles in English.
Best of Luck. Great Work!!!

Romi, San Francisco, CA - USA - 25-08-2020 11:37

I will never have enough words to express the GIFT this book has meant to me. This book is SUCH A GEM its worth bags and bags of GOLD. I have worked at the best hospitals in the US in Boston and NYC and the healing that this book can offer is all of that and more. Thank YOU Christiane for sharing this gift with all of us.

Susanna Bokstam, Sweden - 25-08-2020 11:31

Hello! I'm reading in your book — again. . . . I'm 45 years old, and have read a lot of spiritual and health oriented books. The Key to Self-Liberation, I must say, is the most valuable book I have ever read. The frequency you are using is just so . . . pure. I am eagerly awaiting more of your books being translated into English...

Cecilia Rose, Houston, Texas, USA - 20-08-2020 20:23

Christiane, I was just introduced to your book and am so excited about it. I have read other books going into the emotional undercurrents that manifest physically, however, they do not hold a candle to your book. The book is so outstanding that I have not been able to put it down. I read my first book with this premise in 1975, much later another author came out with a similar book. However, in comparison to your book they are quite elementary! You truly have an incredible gift to share with the world. I just got back from P. where I met with Dr. A.B. an incredible homeopathic / physician. He was beside himself while looking at the book! and kept saying ‘where did you get this?, where did you get this?’ He couldn’t put the book down nor could Dr. G.

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